Skip Hop Diaper Pail Review (2021)

Skip Hop Diaper Pail Review

The Skinny
The Skip Hop Nursery Style is a steel-bodied diaper pail with one of the smallest footprints in our assessment. However, thanks to its top, it nonetheless can hold just as many diapers as a number of the larger options in our evaluation. The plastic lid has a lidded compartment with a lure door at the lowest that allows preserve within the scent during each diaper deposit. There is even an extra bucket-fashion compartment that is perfect for storing wipes, diapers, and lotions. The Skip Hop is a space-saving option that is a perfect dirty diaper receptacle for smaller nurseries.

Skip Hop’s debut product was the Duo Diaper Bag, designed in 2003 by means of parents Michael and Ellen Diamant. Unsatisfied with the bag alternatives they might find at the time, Ellen designed some thing tailor-made to her needs as a mother. From there, the business enterprise increased into producing many toddler necessities, with a core philosophy of “Must-Haves Made Better.” Skip Hop has been a part of the Carter’s conglomerate when you consider that 2017.

Skip Hop Diaper Pail Review

The Skip Hop Nursery Style is an progressive pail that offers many appealing functions for smaller nurseries. It is one of the narrowest pails in our assessment, with a width of most effective eight.Five”. At this length, it’s going to without difficulty slip into tight areas among partitions, dressers, or cribs that might be too small for many other pails. The above-average height offers awesome diaper potential to make up for the slim profile. If you’re brief on garage area, the detachable compartment on pinnacle of the pail may be used for additonal diapers and creams, or you can change it for the Skip Hop Wipes Holder. The unassuming gray shade blends with most nursery decor.

We found the Nursery Style to be one of the top diaper pails for containing inside the stink. The metal frame of the pail is long lasting and does not preserve odors over the years. The deposit style is specific among the pails we examined, and we appreciate the progressive wondering behind it. There is a small lidded compartment in which you place the dirty diaper. You then seal the lid shut, and press a button to open the trap door at the compartment’s bottom. A small plastic window allows you to look at the diaper fall into the main chamber without freeing all the inside smells. We appreciate this manner for its maximum scent containment and found that we had some of the least pungent diaper deposits even as using the Skip Hop. It additionally creates a double seal that facilitates reduce smell even when you aren’t tossing diapers.

Once the lid of the Skip Hop Nursery Style is open, there may be no way… The Skip Hop Nursery Style has an inner plastic ring that holds luggage…

There are many ease-of-use additives that we like about this diaper pail. First, it has a lid lock which could help keep curious infants (and their toys) out of the pail. We also love that it makes use of ordinary trash bags, instead of requiring a proprietary bag device. This will assist you shop a bucket of cash over the years, and it’ll be a great deal less complicated to locate refills at your neighborhood grocery save while not having to reserve on-line. Changing the bag is a easy system, requiring you to undo the lid latch and get rid of the bag from an inner plastic ring. However, for the duration of this system, the complete lid opens right up to the open bag, and you are hit with a blast of week-old diaper stench.

A easy sliding tab locks the lid of the Skip Hop.
A easy sliding tab locks the lid of the Skip Hop.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

We love this diaper pail.. When it really works. However, we, and many other users, determined the entice door opening to be very small. If the used diaper isn’t always heavy sufficient or no longer wrapped tightly enough, it’ll now not fall through to the main bin. If this is the case, you may must give it a guide push. This is disappointing as one of the most appealing aspects of the Skip Hop pail is the fingers-unfastened deposit technique. Some customers additionally complain that the strain required to unlatch the lid is a bit excessive. However, we did no longer feel that it was too tough and nearly choose it because it is greater tough for little arms to open. Because there are numerous transferring parts and latches in the lid of this pail, the top element may not be as long lasting because the metal body. Parts might not function as smoothly over the long time.

The Skip Hop Nursery fashion is a diaper pail that does its job nicely. While it’s far more highly-priced than some different pails in our assessment, the use of normal trash baggage reduces the lifetime value via and package, and also you come to be spending much less in the long run. With minimal scent and area-optimizing organizational capabilities, we assume it’s miles best for parents with small nurseries or those who definitely do not want to absorb a number of space with a massive garish diaper pail.