Summer Infant 3d Mini Review (2021)

Summer Infant 3d Mini Review

Until nowadays, I idea this submit become going to go a chunk differently. I completely predicted to dislike my replacement stroller and changed into going to post a Summer Infant review, praising their customer support however being honest about how the stroller I bought was sub-par.

But luckily, I don’t must try this.

This post is not backed, and I become now not compensated for reviewing a product. I bought this stroller myself, and the critiques in this Summer Infant evaluate submit are all my personal.

Summer Infant 3d Mini Review

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While Judah become nevertheless little enough to use his service automobile seat, we used a stroller body that the service snapped into. It become great handy! But of course, like infants do, he got to be too heavy for me to preserve carrying round inside the heavy service seat. And thankfully, my buddy and I had been shopping sooner or later and observed a awesome deal on a convertible automobile seat at just the proper time. Unfortunately, that still meant finding a brand new light-weight stroller for jogging round doing errands.

Summer Infant Review
So amusing to push!
Or as I like to call it, a library stroller.

My most important errand turned into pretty a good deal going to the library a couple instances per week. And I clearly can’t simply bring him round while looking for new books to study. So I wished a library stroller for taking Judah to the library. You recognize, to maintain up with the studying application.

Enter the Summer Infant 3Dmini
So in October, I located this umbrella stroller online – the 3Dmini Convenience Stroller from Summer Infant. (It’s considered an umbrella stroller because of the hooked handles). Umbrella strollers range in charge from approximately $12 to over $70, relying on great and special features. I didn’t need to spend a exorbitant sum of money so I went with this one, which ran me about $forty at the time.

I became so excited to find what I concept become a decent pleasant “library stroller.” And then I opened the box to place it together.

The wheels are plastic with a few kind of raised pattern, however not any type of treads. And when I driven the stroller, without or with the child in it, maximum of the time, at least one of the wheels didn’t flow and simply glided alongside the surface alternatively. Edited to say that the wheels aren’t plastic but some type of tough, rubbery foam.

It changed into also really difficult to open up from the folded up closed function. I needed both arms and normally as a minimum one foot to get it opened up and relaxed so Judah may want to take a seat in it.

Not exactly what I had was hoping for. But because it labored ok, and I didn’t need to spend a daft sum of money on a better stroller, we simply dealt with it.

And then proper before Christmas, one of the clips attaching the strap to the buckle broke. UGH.

Broken stroller buckle clip in Summer Infant Review
No clip? No concerns! Zip ties to the rescue!
Eric used zip ties to reattach it so we ought to still use it until I were given around to contacting the company. And it labored nicely enough to address it so we weren’t small stroller-much less and didn’t must use our tons loved (and lots used) running stroller, that is heavy and bulky. But it works notable on long walks!

Amazing Customer Service!
Anyway, I sooner or later were given around to contacting Summer Infant’s customer service a few weeks in the past. I sent an email via their contact shape at the website. Within multiple hours, I acquired an e-mail from Jim, who defined the constrained one year assurance application and told me what I had to offer them with to look if my stroller qualified for a part substitute or a full stroller substitute.

It took me a pair weeks to get returned to Jim, however as soon as I did, he answered nearly without delay and said that the stroller’s damage wasn’t fixable by way of changing the damaged part so Summer Infant would be sending me a new stroller as a substitute.

I changed into so excited! And so grateful. Even if I didn’t take care of the unique style, as a minimum we’d have a tour stroller to apply that’s whole and undamaged.

New Stroller
Our substitute arrived the day prior to this. I opened it and put it together this morning. Even even though it’s the identical version, it’s like a completely different stroller! The wheels all pass, even on diverse varieties of floors, no matter whether the toddler is in the stroller or now not. It’s smooth to open and near, and it’s lightweight.

Summer Infant evaluate 3Dmini cover
So plenty higher than before! The first one we got must have been a defective dud all round.

I love that the cover extends a bit lower than most to assist block extra sun out of Judah’s face. And it has figure cup holders constructed in to the zipper pouch that holds such things as keys, wallets, and cellular phones. And in case you need a bit of greater storage, there’s a cloth storage basket underneath the stroller seat which could maintain a few matters. Plus, I love the shade! That aqua accent changed into simply what I changed into looking for, and is certainly sharp towards the black stroller cloth.

Overall, I might clearly buy products from Summer Infant again. Their customer service is stellar, and they have a remarkable assurance program. And now that I have a non-defective stroller, I in reality appreciate it and locate the 3Dmini Convenience Stroller a pleasing center of the road item for the rate. I’m so happy that my Summer Infant assessment had a happy ending.

Thanks, Jim! And thanks, Summer Infant for your awesome warranty application and customer service!